Adidas Agility Grid


The adidas Agility Grid features six hexagonal cells that can be used individually to create multiple patterns for fast feet, power and agility training drills. The impact resistant material will...

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Adidas Ankle Support


Each support in the adidas supportwear collection has been modelled to support the relevant joint whilst also allowing it to move and function correctly. Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra...

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Adidas Barbell Pad


Squats are one of the most essential fundamentals to perfect if you want to be proficient with barbells, but concern for potential injury or pain in the neck caused by the bar resting on it can...

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Adidas Door Gym


Using a counterbalance system to secure itself in position, the adidas Door Gym enables the user to perform an impressive range of highly effective upper and lower body exercises using their body...

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Adidas Foam Roller


Foam rolling has become an integrated part of athletes conditioning regime as it enables them to stay mobile and recover faster from soft tissue fatigue. The hard inner sleeve of the adidas Foam...

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