Foam Rollers

Adidas Core Rollers (Pair)


Developing core strength is imperative if you want to become stronger in all other aspects of your training, especially weight training. Designed to engage the core muscles and strengthen the upper body, the robust and sturdy set of two adidas Core...

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Adidas Foam Roller


Foam rolling has become an integrated part of athletes conditioning regime as it enables them to stay mobile and recover faster from soft tissue fatigue. The hard inner sleeve of the adidas Foam Roller takes this approach to the next level by enabling...

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Adidas Massage Ball


Relieve your muscles of minor aches and pains by applying pressure to the area with the adidas Massage Ball. 8.3cm in diameter, the ball can be used anywhere on the body and mimics a deep tissue massage. To stabilise movement of the massage ball, use...

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Adidas Massage Roller


Ridding muscles of lactic acid or lactic 'pooling' and promoting blood flow before or after heavy exercise or training, the adidas Massage Roller is a self-massaging tool designed to easily target specific muscles. 49.5cm in length, the roller helps...

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