IPER VTB Football


Lotto Iper Match ball Precise cut and thermal bonded penta-hexa panels. High Grade PU covering material. VIMINI Micro grooves for aerodynamic speed and control. High water resistance. SR molded bladder with soft prelubricated valve core...

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Jimmy Ball

$60.00 $49.00

Brilliant training tool!- Practice juggling, balance and control- One size fits all- Quick slip adjustable shoulder strap- Adjustable ball height- Size 4 ball

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Phoenix Soccer Ball size 5


The new Wellington Phoenix HAL football offers quality stitched PVC panels with bright, eye catching graphics. The HAL Team ball comprises of 30 panels to create a blend of traditional feel and new look. The improved textured finish is a great...

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Soccer Lotto ZG FB100 Football


Hand stitched FIFA QUALITY PRO competition ball. Pearl finish of the coating material in PU with the addition of a relief texture to improve ball control and spin effect. Gravity balance System for perfect trajectory. Latex bladder to guarantee maximum...

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Soccer Lotto ZG FB500 Football


Hand Stitched Training Ball. TPU Cover Material. Polyurethane Internal Foam. Layer to Guarantee Exceptional Softness. Butyl Bladder for Perfect Air Retention. Specifications: Size 4,5 Match and Training Quality Three Colours: White/Fanta, Safety...

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